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Welcome to Phusion Wellness, where compassionate care meets effective treatment. At our clinic, we prioritize more than just symptoms – we prioritize you. We believe in treating not just your condition, but you as an individual who deserves dignity and respect.

Hear from some of our patients as they share their unique experiences with Phusion Wellness along their journey of pain management.

Patient Reviews

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  • Patients 5 star Phusion Wellness Review

    Genuine care and concern

    Phusion Wellness really cares about the well being of their patients. Michelle Roy , PA-C has been my provider for years and she is the best. She listens and shows genuine care and concern.
    Tammie M.
  • Patients 5 star Phusion Wellness Review

    Finally a safe place

    Finally a safe place where my pain management is dealt with in a kind and respectful manner. It’s been a long road finding them, but now that I have, I can finally stop stressing. Anyone who deals with chronic pain, knows what it’s like to be treated as “less than” when all we want is to maintain some quality of life. Phusion Wellness makes this possible and I strongly recommend them to anyone who finds themselves in need.

    Julia Z.
  • Genuinely cared

    I had a great experience with Dr. Jenkins at Phusion Wellness. He took the time to listen to me not only about my physical symptoms, but also about my personal situation. He was very understanding and empathetic, and I felt like he genuinely cared about my well-being. Our conversation was professional yet easygoing, and I didn't feel like just another patient. I highly recommend Dr. Jenkins and the entire staff at Phusion Wellness.

    Mitch W.
  • Kind and caring

    Absolute best place to get help if you are a chronic pain sufferer they don't judge you they help you! They are kind and caring. I've been seeing Scott Wolfinden for several years he is a super awesome guy really cares about his patients I highly recommend this place if you are a chronic pain sufferer absolute best place around. Great work Phusion Wellness, thank you for all that you do!

    Sandra C.
  • Listened to my concerns

    Everyone was so super nice and respectful. They listened to my concerns and were very empathetic. I'm glad I found them! I've suffered with chronic pain for years, some days are worse than others. And when people find out your in pain management, instantly your judged as a druggy or a wuss because you can't handle the pain. Everyone at phusion was understanding, kind and explained in detail everything they offered. Thank you phusion!

    S. Odell
  • Patients 5 star Phusion Wellness Review

    Great to work with

    I have been with Phusion Wellness for over 4 years. The staff is knowledgable and great to work with. They listen to you. The office staff is always helpful and they have always responded quickly to any questions that I have had. I would highly recommend Phusion Wellness to anyone in need of their services.

    Kimberlee O.
  • Patients 5 star Phusion Wellness Review

    Workshops are very helpful

    Phusion Wellness ... I've been with them for approximately 3 years and they are very caring, thoughtful and concerned about my well-being. My workshops are very helpful. I learn alot about my chronic pain and how to deal with it, with no shame. Thank you Phusion Wellness for all of your knowledge and kindness you and your staff have given me!!

    Chris L.
  • Patients 5 star Phusion Wellness Review

    Super friendly and knowledgable

    My last pain management doctor passed away a year ago unexpectedly and when I tried to find a new doctor it was a hassle and headache so much that I went a year without any medications and doctor appointments. Just when I had given up I tried this location and now I'm super mad I didn't hear about this office sooner being that it's super close to me. The office staff are super friendly and knowledgeable as well!

    Mary A.
  • Patients 5 star Phusion Wellness Review

    Treated me like a human being

    Was quick and efficient, the provider actually examined my injuries and listened very well. This establishment actually treated me like a human being, and I am completely satisfied with the experience. Although it's pricey it was worth every penny considering I have been screwed over by every pain doctor I have seen in the last year and a half.

    Jacob E.
  • Patients 5 star Phusion Wellness Review

    One of the best in Arizona

    I have been in pain management for 10+ years & I have to say Phusion Wellness is one of the best if not the best pain management practices in Arizona. I have been a patient with them only a short time. I have seen 3 provider's & all 3 are very nice but Carina Chacon is so awesome she goes above & beyond & shows true compassion. I have to say that everyone from the staff in the front office to the provider's & the counselor they're all down to earth & easy going & caring & they make you feel comfortable with the complete process. I look forward to my monthly appointments unlike previous clinics where you dread your appointment & feel uncomfortable. Thank you Phusion Wellness for being better than all the rest.

    Jaline W.
  • Patients 5 star Phusion Wellness Review

    Appointments online are awesome

    Phusion wellness has a very friendly staff that treats you with respect! Understanding and helpful so glad I found them. I have referred friends and that says a lot. I'm in another city than the office and it is so convenient to do telephone appointments online they are awesome.

    Jacqueline T.
  • Patients 5 star Phusion Wellness Review

    Caring and understanding

    I've been with Phusion Wellness for just over a year and it is by far the most caring & understanding pain management company that I have ever been with. I recommend anybody that is dealing with pain to contact Phusion Wellness. Physicians and customer service are very professional. Thanks for everything!

    Perry W.

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