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At Phusion Wellness, we treat each of our patients as individuals with real needs. From Pain Management to Behavioral Counseling, we provide wellness services to form a foundation for a healthy life.

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Phusion Wellness offers pain management


Are you suffering from chronic pain? If other treatments for pain management have failed, Phusion Wellness can help.

Phusion Wellness offers behavioral health therapy


Don’t deal with behavioral health issues alone. We provide professional help to enable self-sufficiency and restore hope.

Phusion Wellness offers therapy workshops

Mindfulness Workshops

Struggling to live life while managing pain? Discover how to relax your mind and body to reduce pain and anxiety.

Convenient Telemedicine Visits

Save time and money with Telemedicine appointments.

Phusion Wellness offers a unique approach to how we provide care for our patients. With options for in-office visits as well as telemedicine check ups, we strive to make treatments convenient and affordable.

  • Telemedicine check ups
  • Medication and counseling options
  • Judgment free environment

Improve the quality of your life today.

What patients say about Phusion Wellness

Phusion Wellness 5 star review on Facebook

“I have so much more hope for a more functional life and better pain management than I have had for some time now.”



Phusion Wellness 5 star review on Facebook

“They are very caring and not hard to get an appointment. I do recommend if you’re in a lot of pain.”



Phusion Wellness 5 star review on Google

“Scott’s intelligence, personable approach and passion for healing and treating his patients totally shows.”

Scottsdale, AZ