Phusion Wellness Staff 2024

About Phusion Wellness

Our Mission

The mission of Phusion Wellness is to deliver convenient personalized care to help chronic pain patients improve quality of life and function while increasing patient safety through adherence to state and federal guidelines for standard of care.

Our Vision

The vision of Phusion Wellness is to have each patient achieve functional pain control leading to increased physical, emotional, and behavioral balance in life.

Our Values

  • Respect: We respect the pain our patients are in and the care they need.

  • Convenience: We utilize technology to provide timely and efficient care. Telemedicine provides unparalleled access to qualified medical providers from the comfort of home.

  • Quality Care: Trained staff and licensed providers work together to provide seamless support and premium care from scheduling to provider interaction.

  • Critical Thinking: We are problem solvers. We help patients get the care they need despite the many hurdles that exist in chronic pain management.

  • Comprehensive Compliance: We comply with state and federal guidelines to provide safe and effective care. We utilize proprietary technology to collect, assess, record, and react to specific patient data. We strive to manage patients pain while ensuring safety.

  • Compassion: We understand the complexities of managing chronic pain and strive to treat patients with care and kindness as they navigate this process.

  • Communication: We strive to listen first. We seek to understand and then be understood.

  • Trust: We do what we say we will do. We act with integrity, reliability, and fairness.